Advertising is a common and essential element in any business. With that in mind, HERNANDEZ MARTI offers a wide array of services covering all legal aspects that must be taken into account in advertisements and advertising campaigns, ranging from copyrights of musical works played in the advertisements to rights of publicity or trade mark rights. Furthermore, illegal advertising including, among others, misleading advertising, false advertising, and aggressive advertising must also be taken into consideration.

Our services encompass the following:

  • Providing legal advice on advertising creations
  • Providing advice on the preparation of advertising campaigns to make them compliant with the law and the corresponding regulations of the sector of activity
  • Providing advice on the intellectual property aspects of advertising
  • Drawing up and reviewing advertising contracts
  • Advertising in social media
  • Providing advice on and defending against ambush marketing or parasitic marketing practices
  • Providing advice on and defending against unfair advertising practices
  • Representation and defence in court and arbitration proceedings