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’NEHERA’– Non-appreciation of bad faith – reputation is not proven at the time of application

On May 2013, Mr. Ladislav Zdút filed an application for registration of the following EU trade mark for goods in classes 18, 24 and 25. On June 2019, Ms. Isabel Nehera, Mr. Jean-Henri Nehera and Ms.…

Utility model. Interpretation of the object of protection.

Art. 69.1 EPC (EPC 2000) establishes that: "The scope of protection granted by the European patent or the European patent application shall be determined by the claims.

Determination of damages for patent infringement by calculating the profits obtained by the infringer.

The particularity of the case examined by the judgment is the fact that the patented product was not commercialised by the infringer as such, but as part of a composite product.