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HERNANDEZ MARTI is a law firm specialising in the areas of intellectual property, advertising, unfair competition, and laws in the information society. HERNANDEZ MARTI offers top-notch legal services as we boost a team of capable individuals who are fluent in a number of languages, including Spanish, English, and German, and highly-qualified to handle any legal cases both domestically and abroad. Furthermore, we also have an extensive network of collaborators which allows us to provide quality services in the countries of your choice.

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Application for a trade mark of the Union of Pattern. Representation of an ornamental pattern. Absolute ground for refusal on the ground of lack of distinctive character.

Neolith applied for registration of an EU trade mark, the sign of which was a pattern consisting of a series of rhomboidal, oval and zigzagging figures, all in a blurred outline, without any colour…

”Nadorcott “Protected Plant Variety. Prescription of actions for infringement.

The Spanish Supreme Court referred a question to the CJEU for a preliminary ruling in the context of a dispute between José Cánovas Pardo, S. L. and Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas, in…

Patents. Claims. The scope of protection is limited by the claims that include the term “product for”.

The issues debated in the lawsuit are the plaintiff's allegation of patent infringement and the nullity of the patent invoked by the defendant. In summary:The applicant Aravén is the holder of…