Copyright protection of an author’s creations as well as agreements on the author’s proprietary interests are of great importance so that the author may obtain recognition for his work and compensation for his effort, having his moral rights preserved at all times.

Works that may be subject to protection include, for example:

  • Books, brochures, writings, speeches, conference papers, etc.
  • Musical compositions
  • Dramatic works, choreographies, pantomimes
  • Sculptures, paintings
  • Projects, blueprints, mock-ups, designs of architectural and engineering works
  • Graphics, maps, designs relating to topography
  • Photographic works
  • Computer programs

Derivative works such as the following can also be subject to copyright protection:

  • Translations and adaptations
  • Reviews, updates, and annotations
  • Overviews, summaries, and abstracts
  • Musical arrangements
  • Any transformations of a literary, artistic, or scientific work

HERNANDEZ MARTI provides advice to clients on how to best protect their works. We draw up and negotiate copyright agreements, as well as extrajudicial petitions. Furthermore, we also intervene in disputes relating to the infringement and protection of said rights.

  • Providing advice on copyrights and sui generis rights
  • Providing advice on copyright protection, drafting and reviewing agreements for assigning rights
  • Contract negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Extrajudicial petitions due to copyright infringement
  • Civil and criminal actions due to a violation of rights, particularly plagiarism